UhUb provides 'whole workforce' training, but its much more than that.

UhUb is a fully mobile solution to Train, Reward and Engage all your Cleaning staff. Available on any device, at any time, UhUb allows whole workforce training at a fraction of the cost, and resource, of other more traditional methods.

Simple to administer, and with full visibility through our real-time report suite, UhUb empowers both Employee and Business, whilst benefiting all 3 tiers of service experience; Staff, Business & End Client.

UhUb is instantly usable with no user training required, and individual profiles provide a sense of ownership. To encourage regular use and facilitate information flow, work reports, holiday forms, site documents, COSHH and so much more can be shared.

Using UhUb earns points to be exchanged for rewards. These can be as large, or small, or creative as you like, vouchers, meal cards, or a prize draw..., it really is endless!

Leader Boards enable all staff, throughout the company to be recognised as achievers regardless of location, job title, or pay grade.

UhUb clients are a community and they help us to develop, whether that's expanding the training content, developing our reports suite, or just adding a button to make us more intuitive.
UhUb recognises the value that brings, and we award contributors via our Client Community Awards programme.
UhUb is truly BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), meaning staff can use and engage through the tech they love, their own phones. With no downloads and minimal data use, or none at all on WiFi, individuals can engage easily and at any time through their familiar device, removing the need for hardware or software purchases.
Training content is based on industry recognised best practice and methods. Lessons consist of a series of short videos and tests which must be completed prior to continuing the training, ensuring a training path is followed. Each module allows for assessment breaks path before the next is unlocked and certificates awarded.
By working with our Client Community to develop the UhUb training content, whether small changes and additions to current courses, or entirely new lesson content and whole modules, we ensure the education is always up to date and relevant.

Cleaners employers may change regularly, as contracts are won and lost. Training certificates are a useful record of their achievements they can keep ensuring the employees skills, and levels of engagement, are recognised.

With incoming staff you are able to identify areas of training beneficial to a role, deploy resource more accurately thus saving costs, and highlight any potential promotion opportunities.


UhUb is working with The Equality & Human Rights Commission to deliver information to cleaning staff on their rights to work within the UK and the industry.

The British Services Association says “The Responsible Cleaner Scheme promotes the welfare and development of employees and the professionalisation of the industry itself.... UhUb provide[s] tools for engagement and training which can bring practical benefits to cleaning suppliers and employees.”

UhUb is cloud based, and able to be viewed, and used on any device with Wi-Fi, or mobile data connectivity, whether Android, Apple, or Windows, allowing training to be carried out anywhere. Even on the bus!
(We confess its patchy on the underground).

We constantly review content to ensure current industry best practice is taught.

Voice-over instruction is clear and methodical encouraging the learning of basic working English.


With each module completed learners receive a UhUb certificate of completion.
This can be viewed directly on the device, emailed, or printed from the device.


You cant buy accreditation from UhUb, and training a handful of managers wont cut it.

UhUb accreditation must be earned. This tells your clients that not only do you have excellent training ability, you apply it, and just as important, engage with it at all levels of your business, encouraging and rewarding staff along the way.


Greg Doherty Managing Director CCM Facilities Ltd

‘I am really pleased with the increase in staff satisfaction of 20%, as demonstrated by the UhUb bench-marking process, and in just a 3 to 4 week period after the launch of UhUb in CCM at the start of the year.

This pioneering system has demonstrated enormous benefits for both our staff, and management.

After a smooth roll-out, it is really pleasing to note how well and how quickly, this has been embraced by our employees.

It’s definitely a win win situation!!!'


‘UhUb has definitely placed our business on a higher playing field.’

‘UhUb provides the necessary training requirements and gives useful tips on "how to clean". If everyone carried out the visual tasks, audit figures would rise.’

‘In addition being shown what to do, it will eliminate fatigue and make life easier for those who may suffer from the odd ache or pain.’

‘A big plus is rewarding a certificate of training, it gives recognition to an individual who has taken the time to complete their training.’

‘UhUb is a great working tool to secure future contracts, and show new employees the standards needed to maintain continuous employment.’

'Even though I was supported in my job, I feel the training has improved my knowledge even more now.'

Jean-Henri Beukes Managing Director Ecocleen Services Ltd

‘We are delighted to embrace the UhUb engagement portal for our staff and management, which has resulted in creating standardised training across the entire organisation.

We look forward to the day that we TUPE cleaners across that have used UhUb, safe in the knowledge that they have had the same, excellent, industry training.’

Paul Tiltman
ESL Facilities Solutions Ltd

‘The UhUb Engagement System is such a welcomed training tool to now rely upon, taking the pressure off the initial stages of recruiting the right people.

Feedback from our cleaners has been very good, we are looking forward to a very long relationship with UhUb, and are excited about what further future developments hold for this as a business partnership.’


The UhUb team is small.

We like it that way.

It enables us to respond quickly to new needs, ideas, directions in technology, or the market. But make no mistake we are not only techies. Far from it!

We love our concept and we love the way we are able to deliver it, but some of our team are individuals that have spent 10+ years in the Cleaning and Facilities industry, experienced in both Development and Operations. Or in other words have been where you are and, understand the issues you face.

Between us we have sold, mobilised, and transferred everything from single cleaner contracts, through to multi country TFM contracts, and over the years we have become aware that the ‘Win’ and the ‘GP’ is often being achieved at the cost of the cleaners work life quality.

One day we got together and realised that we all had the same main frustration.

Training and Development always promised, usually paid for, but rarely properly delivered to cleaning staff in a way that truly makes a difference to them, the business, or the end client.

We wanted to change that.

Not just as a box ticking exercise during the tender process or a promise across the table, but in a way that genuinely allows workers to feel and do better, in quality of delivery, a feeling of social connection, and by providing real demonstrable recorded training that can lead to actual career progression.

So UhUb was developed, and with c.500,000 cleaners in UK alone, most of whom are low paid, and often remote or lone workers, there was, and still is, a lot to do. We believe they all deserve better and that ‘better’ can be provided whilst benefiting the company too.

In short it is our vision to improve the opportunities for those who often have none. All whilst benefiting the industry as a whole through information flow in a way which further strengthens opportunities to workers.

We know it’s been difficult to achieve these things until now. After all, how do you train and include an individual who works midnight to 3am on their own?

No problem, everyone is in the same boat, but now there is a new way... UhUb.

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Stephen Goodall
Founder & MD

I am really excited about the effect whole workforce training and engagement will have on the cleaning industry over the coming years. What started as a good idea has become a commitment to improve education delivery in the sector.

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Paul Griffiths
Operations Director

'It's great to be part of a solution which truly engages with employees by improving their opportunities, while helping our Clients deliver quality services. Closely collaborating with our Clients on improving all areas of UhUb is an exciting way to develop our offering'

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Julian Baker,
Chief Technical Development

UhUb is a new way of doing things. Taking advantage of current technology in a new way to embrace peoples love of phones and maximise BYOD is the way forward, and UhUb is at the forefront.


UhUB is focussed on helping those that have been dealt a bad hand by circumstance. To this end UhUb is extremely happy to announce it is supporting Centrepoint.

Centrepoint is a fantastic organisation that helps more than 9,200 young people each year escape the streets, and invisible homeless trap. Providing each of them with a safe space to live and call their own, guidance, counselling, and support to get into education and work, thus getting their lives back on track.

This is not just a random act of charity, this is personal.

Our MD, Stephen, spent some of his teenage years homeless, and because of his experience and the understanding he has of the effect homelessness can have on a young person, he is determined to help others escape, and recover from the experience by making philanthropy in this area part of the UhUb DNA.

UhUb will not only make an annual contribution to the charity, but, also a donation for each new client we take on, and we will share with each client where that money might be spent.

Whilst we are starting with donations, we are also in discussion with Centrepoint about providing free skills learning to any young person who would like it via UhUb, and are also working with our Client Community to look at possible work placements and potential career paths.

We will share more on our Centrepoint partnership as it develops, but if you would like to be a part of the effort please do get in touch.

We'd love to hear from you
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